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Quand la pêche a la frite!

Image de l'actualité Alex Wonner (rh.81) est aujourd’hui médecin sur l'île d'Ascension... (Nous l'avons interviewé dans l'Echo n° 1 de 2009). A la faveur de ce temps de vacances, nous vous proposons cet amusant reportage (en anglais, pour vous aider à réactiver vos connaissances!) concernant une activité caritative locale...Sur l'île d'Ascension . Nous vous laissons le soin de lire et de deviner l'impact photos...comme au bon vieux temps des "compréhensions à la lecture" avec, cette fois, plus de plaisir à la clef ! A bon...lecteur, salut! Et grand merci à Alex! M.B.

Dear All,
Well if you see people at the pierhead on a Sunday it is unusual!
Indeed... there was a "Fish and Fry" competition.
People get teams together and they have to start fishing from the rocks at 7 am until 11 am. They can fish from wherever they like around the island.
Only "grouper" and "moray". Well I think so. Then the catch is taken back to the pierhead. Some weighing occurs and then the cutting of the fish. After that, the fish is fried. Don't worry there is always enough oil in the pans as you can see.
Yesterday the "Saint's Long Beach hut" was in a way re-inaugurated! It had been closed for many years.
It's a pity because that is where I used to keep my kayak when the hut was without roof. Now I simply need to join the party (good excuse!) The meal was delicious.
Around 6-7 pm, the local band is at work!
The prizes are distributed. Biggest moray, biggest grouper, biggest catch of the day per team...
A bit of a drink, a bit of a dance, all of that to get ready for the next day which is unfortunately..Monday!
Ah !!! those terrible Mondays,....
But it's usually for a good cause as part of the little profit made that day goes to the local church. True!

Enjoy your week....

Few days to go and it's Friday again!!! (TGIF= Thanks God It's Friday)
Hope we will make it...

Ciao, Alex

Par M.Bonten

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